boyfriend shrine!

me and my boyfriend have both been dating since 8/30/19 and i love him so much!! when i talk about him it's like my body gets a rush of serotonin! he's really really sweet, kind, caring, understanding, sUPER FUNNY, and so much more... when i first met him, he was really quirky and seemed pretty shy, but we clicked instantly. it still boggles my mind how well we got along with each other from the very beginning... i wouldn't change anything for the world, it honestly feels so right being with him. being with him for the past year and a half has been an absolute adventure through our ups and downs and each us journying through our lives as we build closer and closer to our true future together is a really exciting thing for me to think about.

he's super talented and smart, and he plays some piano! i'll never actually forget one night a long time ago when an old friend of ours told him to play fur elise faster and faster, and he somehow managed to do it VERY FAST while being tipsy. IT WAS REALLY IMPRESSIVE, MY JAW WAS ON THE FLOOR. he's also very cute! he laughs a lot like a little giggly baby, and if he laughs hard enough, he wheezes super hard! my boyfriend is my favorite, and my aesthetic, and that is all i have to say for now.