friday, 12.11.20 (2:15am)
today went FANTASTIC! i think i'm starting to be in tune with myself again thanks to therapy and my new medication! definitely a very nice flow of inspiration and motivation to keep updating my webpage! i've also gained so many followers within this week, and all of your guestbook entries and messages warm my heart so much

i realized that having a website to update and add to is such a nice thing next to drawing i'm learning more and more as time goes on, even beyond what i already knew from using html/css on other websites back in the day! i really love every second of it, and i'm super happy that i can be a part of this community of people

that's it from me i think! time to avoid being sleep deprived and sleep asap!!

wednesday, 12-9-2020 (11:40pm)
i had a somewhat busy day! i went to the doctor's office to change my medication, helped my family with some more christmas decorating, i did some art studies, and i also worked on the website a whole lot, which i'm really proud of!!